Qhik is a moron

The road so far (Loyola sesh(cue carry on my wayward son))
A story of fuck ups

Our group of intrepid idiots began their journey on a small island of Mercilla off the shore of the Golden Coast. After meeting a interesting finely dressed imp named Greetus they where whisked away to join The Guild a now secretive organization that once openly worked to shape the world.

Our group then set out into the vast world of Aleron a world where wild magic has torn through for the last century tearing old civilizations apart driving old cities to form anew things have been quiet for a long time though after the resurgence of magic old cities and war torn areas can still be found left untouched for hundreds of years scattered throughout the world. It is in places like this where springs of magic gather folding the world in on itself making impossibly vast and ever changing areas within a very small space known as infinity dungeons.

After their first encounter with one of these the group set off to deal with a rampaging minator and found themselves sidetracked and in the dwarven capital of Corbaile. It was here that disaster struck. A group known as the Bringers of the Bloody End unearthered and ancient evil known as the legion of shadows and unleashed it on the city. Thanks to the heroic efforts of many guild agents thousands of lives where spared and the legion was locked back into their lantern along with the archmage that brought them out. But at the cost of part of one of the party members soul having been sold to Greetus so that he could take his true form to help fight.

Our hero’s turned their eyes to the thriving capital of Tajmilaic to beseech the gods for help dealing with this great evil. There they met and befriened many differnt gods and braved the dangers of an infinity dungeon to fight off both a demon and a lamia coming back with the prize of the eye of an old god. With this in hand they headed off on their next adventure.

They ran into a group of pirates operating with a remarkable ship that had the ability to shift in form to suit the mind of the captain. After a large battle they defeated the crew and took the ship for themselves but not before the captain could escape teleporting away to another plain.

Our heros found themselves back on Mercilla after meeting up with the guild master to find that the vault that held many artifacts of great power had been broken out of from the inside. While people began to investigate Greetus took our adventurers to seek the caverns deep below the island finding Lollkath an ancient mindflayer with exceptional power who was trying to use the reminants of the old leylines to forge an army of unstoppable power. With Greetus’s help yet another party member sold part of their soul to fight off Lollkath and his armies. They arose from the caverns victorious and wielding the hammer of Slunth a mighty hammer that is said to have been used to forge the heavens.

Finally our group headed off to the ruins of Shellrath to atempt to reforge the golems of old after fighting off several guardians they combined their strength using both the knowledge of the eye and the might of the hammer they forged a new golem a feat that has not been accomplished in thousands of years.


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